The big JBL Garden Pond Competition – The Carefree Package

The flowers are blooming, the water is trickling crystal-clear through the filter – Your garden pond is a real feel-good oasis. In order to keep it that way, we will help you to put together an individual maintenance plan and to preserve this condition with the necessary care products. What could be better after work than to enjoy your favourite drink as the sun goes down over your pond? In the big JBL Garden Pond Competition three lucky winners will get a voucher for individual advice from a JBL pond expert including the recommended JBL products with a value of € 150, for clear visibility in the garden pond. This way your pond will stay algae-free all through 2016.

Unfortunately the competition is finished already. Shortly you will find another competition here. Simply look in again later.


Andrea Maasch, Sabrina Telle, Wilfried Gäbler

Here’s how it works

Just enter between May 9 and June 5, 2016 and with a bit of luck you will win one of three carefree packages for your garden pond. In addition to an individual pond analysis with follow-up advice from a JBL pond expert (telephone and email), you will receive the recommended care products with a value of € 150 free of charge. The winners will be drawn from all the participants.

Applicable are our current Conditions of participation.


Phosphate: The cause of tomorrow’s algae is in your pond now.

Many pond owners don’t realise this. That’s why they don’t react to algae growth until it’s too late. This is not only annoying, it makes it harder to achieve clear water for your dream landscape.

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When the rain becomes an acid test

In the time period before Easter there can be rainfall of 40 to 60 litres per square metre. We would like to explain why this can become an acid test for your pond and possibly also a problem for your fish.

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Do you need a microscope to diagnose white spot disease?

This question isn’t as easy to answer as you’d expect. Of course white spot (Ichthyophthirius multifiliis) is visible on the fish with the naked eye. But unfortunately there is a similar looking disease against which the white spot disease remedy is powerless: the velvet disease (Oodinium).

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Heavy Rainfalls Are Stressful For Your Fish

As a pond owner in autumn you not only have to deal with getting the pond ready for winter, you also have to struggle with heavy and frequent rainfalls.

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An anti-algae agent alone is no solution

Everyone knows this scenario. Just last week the pond was alright, then suddenly the algae came overnight. Why does this happen? It’s really very simple. You only have to keep in mind 2 factors.

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