JBL with a new 6-in-1 water test for the 1-minute measurement

Because more and more aquarium enthusiasts want to spend less and less time testing water, JBL has come up with a quick 1-minute test that can also measure the dangerous chlorine level e.g. in tap water in addition to what its predecessor was able to do.

The new JBL EasyTest 6in1 tests the following parameters: Chlorine 0 – 3.0 mg/l, pH 6.4 – 9.0, KH 0 – 20 °dKH, GH <1 - > 21 °dGH, nitrite 0 – 10 mg/l, nitrate 0 – 250 mg/l. The JBL test strips boast several special features: They are extra-long with a length of 12 cm, have dividers between the fields so that water does not run from one field into the other and have 4 colour fields for GH measurement. This results in an enormous increase in accuracy and makes the JBL EasyTest strips ideally suited for quick and orientating measurement.

Selbst Profis greifen inzwischen zu den JBL Test-Streifen, da nur Nitrit und Nitrat im Bedarfsfall mit Tropfentests noch einmal ganz genau nachgemessen werden sollten. Dies wird aber auch nur dann nötig, wenn der Schnelltest nicht 0 mg/l anzeigt. Ein Trocknungsmittel im Inneren der Verpackung erhält die hohe Qualität der JBL Teststreifen und gewährleistet zweieinhalb Jahre Haltbarkeit. Even professionals have come to use the JBL test strips, since only nitrite and nitrate should be retested accurately with drop tests if necessary. However, this is only necessary if the quick test does not indicate 0 mg/l. A drying agent inside the packaging maintains the fine quality of the JBL test strips and ensures two and a half years of storage life.

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