JBL puts out pond food sticks for price-conscious consumers:

So-called "cheap food" usually harbours two main problems: The wrong composition in order to save on raw materials and cheap packaging that is impervious to neither air nor light, plus no means of resealing. With its new JBL PondSticks classic , JBL provides food for price-conscious pond owners who, however, do not have to renounce quality and are therefore able to enjoy healthy fish in the long-term as well.

The higher cereal concentration even caters to goldfish and other pond fish whose diet is predominantly vegetarian anyways. The floating sticks provide a species-appropriate staple food for the warmer time of year. The containers are resealable and impervious to air and light. JBL was able to achieve this price advantage as a result of an increase in its customer base in the pond segment, thereby making it possible to reduce production costs by achieving better buying conditions. The new JBL PondSticks Classic come in sacks of 1 litres and 5.5 litres and in resealable sacks of 31.5 litres.

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