Vietnam – the destination for the next JBL Workshop

Barely any tourists, untouched nature, amazing rain forestsjavascript:;, clear streams with unknown fish and friendly people: Perfect conditions for a JBL Workshop.

In 2013, we will spend 10 days in the region around Nha Trang in Central Vietnam. Due to the low costs at the place of destination and direct contacts with local Vietnamese in Nha Trang, the Workshop will be available for a price of about € 990, incl. flights and half board. We will head for freshwater streams, lakes, rain forests, desert-like dune landscape, offshore coral reefs in the ocean and, of course, visit cultural sights like temples and Buddha statues, for example.

This JBL Workshop will offer aquarium research and terrarium research under the guidance of experts for everyone with an interest in nature. Details and the registration form will be available on the JBL homepage starting October 2011.

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