Relaunch of the new JBL Novo fish food range

JBL has fully revised the JBL Novo food range on the basis of the latest findings in fish physiology.

For the first time, JBL has analysed the essential protein/fat ratio for species-appropriate fish nutrition and applied the results in its new products. New methods of manufacture make it possible to prevent food from causing cloudy water.

JBL exclusively uses leftovers from the production of fish fillets for humans in order to not endanger wild fish populations. This makes it possible to completely do without inferior fish meal, while making sure that no fish has to die for JBL's fish food.

JBL is the first manufacturer ever to be awarded the seal, "dermatologically tested", which certifies that JBL's products are also perfectly safe for persons with allergies. JBL has rung in a new era of fish food.

You will find all of the advantages of the new Novo range here: The new JBL Novo range

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