The participants for the 2012 JBL Expedition are set

We received 31 applications for the 2012 JBL Expedition to Central America and the Galapagos Islands. We had to limit the number of participants to 16 (incl. the JBL Team), due to local conditions.

Many of the applicants had already taken part in JBL's expeditions or workshops in the past. Since there were more applicants than spots, we had to let a lottery decide. We allotted one spot to applicants who had taken part before. Norbert Nicolaus was the lucky winner here.

The new participants are (from Germany): Petra and Michael Trapp; Klaus Gerstner; Ulrich Paetsch; Matthias Kahmann; Dr. Michael Gruß; Sebastian Gemmecke; Jens Schneider; (from Sweden) Peter Hansson; (from Poland) Piotr and Anna Piesik.

JBL CEO Roland Böhme and Sales Manager Didier Lergenmuller are also coming along. Heiko Blessin will be the scientific director again, and Dr. Ludwig Neurohr will support the team as a specialist in diving medicine and doctor for emergencies.

The JBL Expedition will depart for the Cenotes in Mexico on 04 Feb. 2012 and then continue on to the rain forests of Costa Rica, from where the group will travel to Lake Nicaragua and then finish off on the Galapagos Islands in the Pacific.

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