Day 7: It's heavenly to be able to sleep in a bed!

The rain forest is great, but a comfy bed has its merits. We were able to investigate a small river right by the lodge. At the Fortuna waterfall of Rio Fortuna, we saw two characin species that were unknown to all of the participants and a burrowing characin species, which presumably belongs to the family of the Characidiinae.

The water parameters of the river were also interesting: A KH value of 3, GH of 1, temperature of 20 °C, pH of 8.0 and a conductivity value of 99. Then we continued on to Nicaragua.

After a boat ride across the Rio Papaduro, we reached Lake Nicaragua towards evening. Even in the dark, we noticed that this lake was gigantic.

We are curious to see what tomorrow will bring when we examine the fauna of the lake. We are also curious to find out the water parameters.

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