The first reports of success from large fish wholesalers and specialist aquatic shops

JBL has reacted to the ban on antibiotics in aquatic remedies at the end of 2011 with the JBL Research Team's launch of JBL Ektol bac, a highly effective successor product against bacterial diseases. The first large fish wholesalers and many specialist aquatic shops have reported successes:

Bernd Schmölzing of EFS: "We have used JBL Ektol bac Plus 250 to combat Columnaris and mixed infections quickly and reliably in imports. Of course, vitamins and partial water changes are needed afterwards to restore the animals' health..."

Aquatic partner in Lampertheim: "JBL Ectol bac is super! All of the customers who treated their fish suffering from external bacterial infection were successful with JBL Ektol bac. All we need now is better distinction in colour between the two bottles with the K1 and K2 components, as the customers don't take time to read the instructions..."

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