CO2 fertilisation is indispensable

Only aquariums with very simple and highly undemanding plants like vallisnerias and hornwort are able to enjoy good plant growth without CO2 technology over many years.

More and more aquarium fish keepers, though, want red plants along with beautiful demanding species such as lotus, turf-forming plants and water-milfoil species, all of which require CO2 fertilisation for successful growth.

Anyone familiar with the Liebig law of the minimum will readily understand why plants usually don't grow properly until they are fertilised with CO2: By adding a basic fertiliser JBL PROFLORA Ferropol , a daily fertiliser JBL PROFLORA Ferropol 24 , a root fertiliser JBL PROFLORA 7 Balls or a long-term substrate JBL PROFLORA AquaBasis plus and the right full-spectrum light, JBL SOLAR TROPIC T8 the plants will be supplied with almost all of the resources they need.

Similar to a keg, where the height of the individual wooden ribs determines the water fill level. However, if an individual wooden rib of the keg is lower than the others, it can only be filled with water to exactly that level (the minimum). The situation of the plant in the aquarium is the same: All of the requirements mentioned above have been met, but carbon dioxide, the plant’s primary nutrient, is missing. As a result, the growth of the plant will be restricted by the lack of this single factor. It isn’t until a CO2 fertiliser is added that the plant will be able to grow the way it is actually capable of.

At JBL’s, CO2 fertilisation already starts at € 10.29! On the other end of the spectrum, a fully automatic CO2 system with a 2 kg cylinder and digital pH control costs € 500. In between, you will find an extensive range of JBL CO2 products for every budget. Try it, you'll like it! In the future, you will no longer need to buy plants, and will be giving them away to other aquarium fish keepers instead!

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