JBL Phosphate Test for Koi - The More Coarse The Better

Calculated physiologically, the feeding needs of large koi fish are 2% of their body weight per day. This causes high concentrations of phosphate in koi ponds. If koi enthusiasts now conduct a phosphate test the scale reading does not go high enough since the PO4 value is higher than the maximum measurable value of the test. If then a phosphate remover is added the problems begin: Even if the phosphate remover works well and reduces the phosphate value by half, for instance, the test would still show the maximum value. And the koi enthusiast would be disappointed since according to the test nothing changed!

JBL solves this problem with a new JBL Phosphate Test for Koi, the maximum value indicated is 10.0 mg/l (JBL Phosphate Test sensitive 1.8 mg/l). The new test starts at 0.25 mg/l and features only two reagents which enable measurements to be conducted more quickly and easily. In this way every koi enthusiast finally has a chance to quickly and precisely determine higher phosphate levels. JBL Phosphate Test Kit PO₄ for koi , dessen Maximalwert 10,0 mg/l zeigt (JBL Phosphat-Test sensitiv 1,8 mg/l). Der neue Test beginnt bei 0,25 mg/l und besitzt nur zwei Reagenzien, die eine Messung noch schneller und einfacher machen. So hat jeder Koifreund endlich eine Möglichkeit, auch höhere Phosphatwerte schnell und genau zu ermitteln.

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