JBL with a sharp blade – 15 ° make the difference

The JBL Aqua-T Handy blade cleaner has developed into the most popular model after the floating JBL Floaty Magnet glass cleaner. Two wonderful ideas for a new variation have now been applied in the new JBL Aqua-T Handy angle :

The short handle has been extended to 27 cm and the blade mounted at a 15 ° angle. As a result, aquarium keepers no longer have to immerse half their upper body in the tank water and the blade is automatically positioned at just the right angle for optimal removal of algae from the glass panes. Naturally, there is also a set of spare blades with 5 corrosion-resistant steel blades. These blades also fit the “standard” JBL Aqua-T Handy.

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