JBL launches the first T5 terrarium tube with 63 % UV

Now, T5 fluorescent tube technology is finally available for reptiles, too! With the JBL SOLAR REPTIL SUN ULTRA T5 , JBL is launching the first T5 tube on the market. Double the light efficiency compared to T8 tubes is typical for the T5 tubes.

JBL’s scientists attached special importance to high UV emissions when developing this special tube. They were thus able to achieve a high UV-A concentration of 63 % (75 % higher than in T8!) and 12 % UV-B (50 % higher than T8). The visible light spectrum again meets the requirements for a full spectrum i.e. it has no gaps so that it contains all of the spectral ranges, equivalent to sunlight. The indicated useful life is one year.

The new JBL Solar ReptilSun ULTRA is recommended for all terrarium animals which get lots of direct sunlight in their natural habitat such as diurnal desert animals or rainforest animals that live in treetops or at the edge of water bodies.

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