Mirror, mirror on the terrarium wall – who is ...

the brightest of them all? And the mirror answered: ”Fair lamp, you are the brightest one , but brighter than you is only the sun!” This is how the fairy tale could have run in Grimm’s terrarium. Because unfortunately no lamp can reach the about 100,000 lux reached by Mother Nature! (This value was measured on JBL expeditions in the tropics.) State-of-the-art energy saving lamps with 24W just manage to achieve 450 lux at a distance of 50 cm. And this is where it starts to get exciting: With the new JBL TempReflect light reflector the light efficiency triples right up to 1550 lux! The UV-B emitting lamps also triple their UV efficiency (0.03 mW/cm2 without, 0.11 mW/cm2 with JBL reflector).

The high-polish honeycomb structure makes this phenomenal light efficiency possible. The new reflectors can be clipped in every JBL TempSet socket in a matter of seconds. They are suitable for all energy-saving lamps up to 30W and for any other lamps which do not become too hot.

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