Until when should „winter food“ be fed in the pond?

Contrary to earlier assumptions that it shouldn’t be fed during low temperatures (< 15 °C), researchers are now unanimous that, as long as they are active and swimming around, pond fish clearly have nutritional requirements. Fish activity only completely declines by temperatures below 5 °C, which is when you should stop feeding them.

It is important to adapt the energy supply to the lower temperatures. Therefore a special low temperature food, such as JBL Koi Energil midi should be fed at temperatures under 15 °C. In comparison to the “summer food” this food has a changed protein/fat ratio: The protein content is reduced to only 19 % because not the growth of the fish but only their energy metabolism has to be supported. With a protein/fat ratio of 1.36:1 JBL Energil contains a twice as high energy content than a “normal” summer food with a protein/fat ratio of about 1:4. The metabolic energy rises from 0.46 MJ/kg with JBL Koi maxi , to 0,86 MJ/kg with X JBL Koi Energil maxi ! Everybody who wants to get their fish safely through the cold season should definitely spend time researching the subject of winter feeding.

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