The participants for the expedition to Venezuela have been drawn by lot

Precisely 107 applicants applied for JBL’s 10-day expedition to the Orinoco and to the tabletop mountains of Venezuela in April 2016. Since there were only 40 places available – in addition to the permanent research team - we were forced to draw lots. The 26 people who had already participated in previous expeditions were put on a waiting list. They will only get another opportunity to participate if a first-timer has to drop out at a later date. All applicants have been informed via email and postal letter.

Interest from abroad has grown significantly and this JBL expedition is the first time to have around half of its participants from England, Switzerland, Russia, Cyprus, Estonia, The Netherlands and Sweden. The aquatic experts Dr. Wolfgang Staeck (cichlids), Andreas Tanke (catfish) and Kai A. Quante (invertebrates) are joining us from Germany. The 50 participants will research the biotopes in groups of eight and will meet up in the camp in the evening for expert lectures or night-time excursions. Roland Böhme, general manager of JBL, will be present as team leader and the biologist Heiko Blessin will lead the expedition.

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