Professional CO2 fertilisation does not have to be expensive

With the new CO2 system JBL ProFlora u504 everybody can now get a professional plant fertiliser system which visibly promotes the plant growth in the aquarium and prevents algae.

Despite its very low entry-level price it is a fully equipped, ready-to-connect CO2 system, where only “expensive extras”, such as fittings are omitted and an extendable diffuser has been replaced by a high-performance diffuser with ceramic diaphragm. In addition the disposable cylinder has the big advantage of not making you dependent on experts to refill it, you only have to change the disposable cylinder for one you have in stock. Especially on holidays or weekends this is an advantage not be underestimated. The kit contains: 1 x 500 g free-standing disposable cylinder, mini CO2 fitting, 3 m special CO2 proof hose, ceramic diffuser, bubble counter incl. backflow stop, CO2 permanent test, 2 x 100 ml liquid fertiliser and 1 x daily fertiliser.

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