JBL receives the European authorisation to sell anti-algae agents

Since the company was founded, JBL GmbH & Co. KG has been carrying out research in the field of water care for aquariums and garden ponds. The success of our care products and our acceptance to the Article 95 list of the European Chemicals Agency for the active substance monolinuron both confirm the high quality of our work and products.

Because of its potent effect on algae monolinuron has been classified as biocide. In the JBL range monolinuron is contained in JBL Algol and JBL AlgoPond Forte . According to the Biocide Directive, biocidal products containing monolinuron may only be sold by manufacturers registered in the Article 95 list of the Biocide Directive.

JBL is pleased to retain the authorisation to produce both of these anti-algae agents and thus to be able to provide you with two extremely effective and legally compliant anti-algae agents.

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