The New JBL NovoLotl

The JBL development department has a very special gift for your axolotl, an increasingly popular, docile and sweet amphibian. It’s a completely new food, manufactured on one of the most modern extruders worldwide.

Only this extruder (a machine to produce wafers, food pearls and sticks) can seal 2 % fish oil inside the food pearls to achieve the correct protein/fat ratio of 5:1. This prevents the oil from reaching the surface and means it can only be released during digestion. Modelled on the axolotl’s natural nutrition, freshwater fish meat (which is really something special!), amphipods and shrimps are used as the main ingredients. This way JBL NovoLotl is not only ideally suited for axolotl but also for many other amphibians, such as African dwarf frogs and newts.

Pearl sizes of 3 mm are designed for amphibians of 10-25 cm; pearls 5 mm in diameter for animals from 18 cm upwards (JBL NovoLotl XL).

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