There’s a demand for JBL cory food

Almost one hundred cory fans met up at the Corydoras Convention (a congress about cories) in Wigan near Manchester/England from 09 – 11 June, 2017. Ian Fuller, the organiser, even brought along some extremely rare species to the congress to increase their occurence through breeding.

Some German cory experts, such as Andreas Tanke, Karsten Schönherr and Hans-Georg Evers, were also present, as well as the top experts from England. Heiko Blessin from JBL gave lectures about biotope analysis and how to reproduce nature’s water values in the aquariums.

The cory experts present were particularly interested in the subject of currents and, in conversations afterwards, in fish food. For the corydoras fans in England and Scottland the JBL NovoTab are the most popular food of all. They expressed a demand for an additional cory food with a higher plankton content.

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