A Doubled-Ended Trap For Planaria

Planaria (flatworms) can be a problem in a lot of aquariums because they reproduce excessively. They can be the downfall of fish eggs, juvenile fish and invertebrates. JBL has a chemical-free solution for planaria problems: Thanks to the planaria trap JBL PlaCollect you can catch harmful planaria quickly and easily.

The solution is a small tube with some bait and a fastening device to position it correctly. Many aquarium owners only find out by chance that they have planaria in their aquarium. And only after using the trap do they realize the amount of planaria they have! The trap’s 11.5 cm long glass tube has a clever entrance through which the pests, attracted by a food tablet, enter the trap, but can’t escape anymore. Afterwards the trap can be opened at both sides and rinsed under running water. Then it is ready to be used again.

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