We now have our participants for the JBL Expedition 2018 to the Indian Ocean

Mauritius, Madagascar and the Seychelles are our expedition destinations for October 2018. 58 applicants registered for this JBL expedition, hoping to experience live aquatic and herpetological research and to analyse the habitats of our aquarium and terrarium animals for themselves.

The high level of satisfaction with previous JBL expeditions was demonstrated by the 24 repeaters who applied. These, however, had to give priority to the 34 first-time applicants in the first draw and were only given the opportunity to take part after four successful applicants withdrew.

In addition to our expedition leader Heiko Blessin and expedition physician Dr. Ludwig Neurohr, JBL’s general manager Roland Böhme and sales director Didier Lergenmuller will also be with us. Taking part for the first time from Germany are: Detlef Brenner, Dominique Harster, Dr. Jens Reese, Judith Würziger and Vincent Böhme. From Cyprus we have Paul & Andreas Theodorou, and Dominique Grosfeld will be with us from the Netherlands. The lucky repeaters who moved up our waiting list are: Claudia Voß, Rainer Nagel und Maik Figura.

JBL would like to thank all who wanted to take part and will keep our fingers crossed for those who unfortunately can’t be with us this time. Their unsuccessful application means that their chance will increase for future expeditions.

In 2019 we will be visiting koi breeders, places of cultural importance and the coral island Ishigaki in Japan, and also the jungle island Iriomote 2,000 km south of Japan’s main islands.

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