JBL Online Website Content “Essentials/Aquarium” – Helps You With Your Hobby!

The new JBL online content in “Essentials/Aquarium” is comparable to a 200 page reference book. It will be activated on Thursday, 04th April 2018 at 12 p.m. For a whole year our JBL experts have been busy writing about and compiling pictures for every aspect of aquatics. Beginning with an outline of the subject (Aquarium types – Size/shape – Technical items – Setting up – Water – Plants – Animals – Maintenance – Problems) it leads you to the chapters dealing with these main topics, each of which can contain up to 10 subsections. Without exception every aspiring or actual aquarium owner will find what they are looking for together with comprehensive information. A particular focus is on the JBL themed aquariums, which are available in the pet shops?

Responding to the wishes of some JBL dealers a limited printed edition of the online content will be available as a 200 page JBL aquarium manual in mid-May. The JBL aquarium manual is free for the pet shops and aquarists and can be ordered directly from the JBL homepage. Aquarium .

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