Beauty Relies On More Than Genes!

If Heidi Klum only ate fast food all her life, she’d have a different figure today. And this doesn’t just apply to humans, a koi’s diet also determines its figure. Heidi of course doesn’t have the genetic disposition to develop big red spots with a clean delineation (if she did she would be very upset about them!). Heidi could develop a red skin by eating masses of carrots, but she still wouldn’t get spots. This is where koi differ. They also have melanophores (colour pigments) in their skin, but their colouring is strongly influenced by nutrition.

During a visit to the Marusei koi farm in Japan, koi dealer Marc Heinz from Hechingen (Zollern Alb Koi) got, acquired some 60 cm large koi for next to nothing, because of imperfections in their figures. Once the koi had arrived in Germany, they were first fed with JBL ProPond Spring, then with JBL ProPond Fitness together with JBL ProPond Color and at the end of the season with a bag of JBL ProPond Growth. The before/after pictures speak volumes! But it must be said, that most Japanese koi have the potential for really good colouring, even if, as here, it’s not immediately perceivable. With the right food they can turn into real beauties!

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