New! JBL has the right food for biotope fish and small goldfish

More and more pond owners are becoming passionate about coldwater fish, which they keep in their ponds with goldfish and koi. Sticklebacks, bitterlings, gudgeons, minnows, sunbleaks and other species, referred to as biotope fish, are in demand as never before! In order to nourish biotope fish, whose dietary needs differ from those of goldfish and koi, JBL has extended the ProPond range: JBL PROPOND BIOTOPE XS offers professional nutrition for biotope fish in the form of 1.5 mm extrudates in 1 litre tins. Now any pond enthusiast can use the biotope fish food with a NEO index (protein/fat ratio) of 4:1, to feed their fish to strength and health at water temperatures between 10 and 30 °C.

JBL has also extended the ProPond range for small goldfish (5-15 cm): With JBL PROPOND GOLDFISH XS the 4 mm small floating extrudates have the right size and composition for the most popular sized goldfish.

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