Theme-Orientated Aquariums from JBL

Almost everyone sees the underwater world as colourful and fascinating, in theory. Almost everyone thinks aquariums are beautiful, in theory. But only in theory, because there are so many misconceptions involved! Surely aquariums also involve a lot of work, are difficult to set up, are even more difficult to maintain and the electricity costs are astronomically high? And anyway, their floor would never bear the burden of the weight!

JBL has come up with a way to allay unfounded fears in everyone who is interested in having an aquarium and to clear up such misinformation. JBL has created 4 different themed aquariums to offer these people, and the “ingredients” for them are only available in specialist shops. The maintenance needed, the electricity costs, the fish and the plants are all clearly stated in the feature. The intention is to answer all these questions and to remove any barriers to people setting up their own dream aquarium immediately. Any retailers displaying one or more JBL themed aquarium in their outlets will be listed and displayed on the JBL webpage. Now nothing can come between your customer and their dream aquarium!

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