One Free JBL Aquarium Booklet For Everyone!

From now on any aquarium owner, or anyone who is thinking of getting an aquarium, can download a free 200 page aquarium booklet from the JBL website, instead of having lots of little brochures. It really has all the information, instructions and tips you need. If you prefer a printed copy, you can order a limited print version from JBL (also through the JBL website: Manuals (catalogue) ) which JBL will then dispatch post-free to your home. Aquatics experts describe how different types of aquarium may suit different people. They talk about aquarium technology, show how to set up an aquarium, give an outline of aquarium plants and their requirements, answer all your questions about water, list the most important animal species, explain how easy maintenance can be and give advice in case problems occur. In addition there is an overview of all the 13 JBL expeditions and a catalogue of all 1000 JBL products in the last part of the booklet. Don’t miss this JBL booklet!

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