JBL Ferropol Root – How To Fertilise Roots Properly

Plant experts like Christel Kasselmann have told us in conversation that a lot of plants have their growth inhibited by a nutrient deficit in the root area. In response JBL has developed Ferropol Root JBL, a new fertiliser concentrate in tablet form, to be placed in the aquarium plants’ root area once a month. Plant genera which absorb a wide range of nutrients through the roots react with a real growth spurt. They include: Echinodorus, Cryptocoryne, Vallisneria, Crinum, Nymphaea. Plant genera which absorb nutrients through their leaves and roots include: Ludwigia, Limnophila, Hygrophila, Alternanthera, Cabomba. A pack of JBL Ferropol Root contains 30 tablets of fertiliser concentrate. They are also suitable for aquariums which, due to their LED lighting and a very high illuminance, have a high nutritional requirement.

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