Now Online: JBL Themeworlds Pond and Terraristics

The new JBL Themeworlds are there for every pond and terrarium enthusiast 24 hours a day. Forget waiting times on the phone, log ins, emails - anyone can just go to and find our expertise (it would fill about 180 manual pages) free of charge. The contents of the Themeworlds were developed in cooperation with experts from the respective specialist areas, and they will also be available as a limited edition in printed manuals at the end of 2019. The cooperation between the pet accessories trade and JBL is an active feature of the Themeworld Aquarium: under the respective themed aquarium JBL will clearly list any specialist dealers who exhibit one or more of our themed aquariums live in their shop, thus directing potential customers to them. Similar projects are also being planned for the 1-2-3 algae-free concept. In this way the aquarium or pond enthusiast can quickly find out where to find a competent specialist outlet.

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