JBL Freshwater LED Ideal For Coral Growth

Marine water aquarists aren’t happy about this, but most of their corals come from very shallow water, so that the coral gatherers don’t need to dive deep. Yet the same light conditions prevail on the reef roofs for the aquatic plants as in a clear river. The high Kelvin numbers of many marine aquariums are a result of the optical preferences of marine water lovers: quite simply, they strongly associate blue light tones with the sea. Divers, by the way, often see this quite differently!

JBL started a trial with the JBL LEDs designed for freshwater aquariums, after a lot of marine water aquarists had contacted JBL to say they had illuminated their aquariums very satisfactorily with the JBL LED SOLAR NATUR . The LEDs were used to illuminate the aquariums with blue light. On a 220 x 70 x 70 cm marine aquarium in the JBL building, 2 x 250 W HQI lights were exchanged for 4 x JBL LED light bars. First the water temperature dropped by 5 °C, which was very welcome at the high summer temperatures, and then the stone corals started to grow. The blue shoots of the acropora corals in particular were clearly visible and celebrated by the whole JBL staff. When the two JBL LEDs NATURE (set to 6700 K) and JBL LED SOLAR EFFECT (set to blue) are operated in combination, they reach 7,800 K together. This corresponds to the colour temperature at depths between 2 and 6 metres - whether in freshwater or marine water.

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