Catfish expert Daniel Konn-Vetterlein is joining the JBL Expedition 2021 to Colombia

The JBL expeditions are becoming increasingly popular with scientists too. After the internationally renowned cichlid expert Dr. Wolfgang Staeck came up with the idea for the JBL expedition to Colombia, the German biologist and catfish expert Daniel Konn-Vetterlein asked to join in. Another freshwater fish expert, he will come on the expedition and help one of the three teams on site to identify the fish. The 30 participants in three teams of 10 people will take turns to stay with three different Indian tribes. The rapids near Puerto Inirida in the lowland rainforest on the Venezuelan border will be particularly exciting for the catfish expert, as there are a lot of L-number catfish there which are not yet scientifically determined. Interested parties can now apply for the JBL expedition on the JBL homepage (January 2021, € 1,900 for 9 days):  Colombia Expedition

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