JBL Mopani
Root wood for aquariums and terrariums

  • Hiding and spawning place for fish, hiding and climbing place for terrarium animals: mopani root for aquariums and terrariums
  • Decoration for Individual design: reproduction of the animals‘ biotopes with natural materials – decoration attractive for animals and humans
  • Natural product, water-neutral: no release of unwanted pollutants to the water
  • Tip: before use in aquarium soak the wooden root in a bucket of water for several days to avoid water discolouration
  • Contents: tree root, mopani root. Note: since this is a natural product, the size can vary slightly
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Product information

A piece of nature in the aquarium
Transform your aquarium into a biotope aquarium and give your creativity free rein. Design your aquarium according to your wishes and add visual effects with natural products. Experience nature with creativity.

Reproduction of natural habitats
Aquarium and terrarium dwellers need particular locations where they can feel secure and comfortable. In their natural surroundings they choose roots or caves. These are used as hiding, spawning or sleeping places. Give your aquarium and terrarium pets a piece of their real habitat.

Decoration and function
The aquarium decoration consists of natural materials and doesn’t harm the water quality. Harmless for aquarium and terrarium dwellers and plants.

Tip: Before use in the aquarium soak the decoration in a bucket of water for several days to avoid water discolouration.


JBL Mopani "M"

Art. no.:
EAN Code:
20-35 cm
Volume packaging:
2.800 l
Gross weight:
670.500 g
Net weight:
670 g
Weight factor:
200/200/350 mm
A slimy-white film has developed on the root/cork bark in my aquarium after a few days. What is it and how can I get rid of it?

The white film can generally be attributed to slime moulds which are harmless and disappear on their own after approx. 14 days. They are also welcomed as a food supplement by animals which feed on periphytons.

No further action is necessary.

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