JBL Tortoise Shine
Shell care for tortoises

  • Tortoise Shine: for the tortoise’s shell care and pest control.
  • Works effectively against ticks
  • Easy to use: bathe the tortoise (lukewarm), dry, spread thin coat over the shell with cotton swab (soaked with JBL Tortoise Shine)
  • Prevents brittle shell surface, non-toxic – but avoid contact with the animal’s eyes.
  • Package contents: shell care for tortoises, Tortoise Shine.
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Tortoise shell care The JBL Tortoise Shine ensures a well-kept shell surface in tortoises. Helps prevent a brittle shell surface and preserve a well-groomed appearance in tortoises. The care product is non-toxic but avoid contact with the animals’ eyes.

Easy to use
Bathe the tortoise in lukewarm water (about 25 °C) and dry well. Soak cotton pad with Tortoise Shine and spread a thin coat over the shell.


JBL Schildkrötenglanz 10 ml

Art. no.:
EAN Code:
10 ml
Volume packaging:
0.300 l
Gross weight:
30.000 g
Net weight:
18 g
Weight factor:
27/140/74 mm
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