JBL ArtemioSal
Salt for cultivating Artemia nauplii

  • Live food home-grown: Special salt with micro algae for cultivating Artemia nauplii
  • Easily soluble and simple to use. The adding of Artenia eggs (sold separately) is required.
  • Optimal pH value thanks to balanced proportion of salt. Results in high hatching rate for the Artemia eggs
  • 230 g salt for 7 litres culture solution
  • Contents: ArtemioSal, salt for cultivating Artemia nauplii.
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Liquid food for marine dwellers
Firmly anchored marine dwellers (corals) feed off the microplankton, nutrients and trace elements they filter out of the seawater. Algae (zooxanthellates) live in symbiosis in the tissue of many corals. They pass their metabolic products to the corals and are in exchange protected by them.

Professional nutrition for marine invertebrates with JBL KorallFluid:
Amino acids ensure good growth. Multivitamin complexes create resistance to disease and enhance colouring.

Feeding recommendation
10 drops per 200 litres per day. The dosage may need to be adapted according to stocking density. Switch off the filter during feeding for a short time.


JBL ArtemioSal 200 ml

Art. no.:
EAN Code:
230 g
200 ml
Volume packaging:
0.560 l
Gross weight:
284.000 g
Net weight:
230 g
Weight factor:
75/100/75 mm
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