JBL TerraGel
Water gel for terrarium animals

  • Healthy and safe supply of drinking water in the aquarium: for small reptiles and spiders
  • Mix powder with water, put into microwave for 1-3 min, leave to cool – ready!
  • Pure natural seaweed product, no chemical residues.
  • Can be mixed to desired gel consistency: contents for max. 3 litres prepared gel.
  • Package contents: water gel for terrarium animals, TerraGel
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Product information

Safe and healthy drinking water supply
JBL TerraGel provides the best supply of drinking water for small reptiles, spiders and other terrarium dwellers. Due to its gel property, small animals are protected from drowning and a safe drinking water supply is ensured.

Natural product
TerrGel is a natural product. It is based on natural seaweeds which do not contain any unwanted chemical traces. EASY TO DOSE - dissolve 1 g powder in 100 ml water.


JBL TerraGel

Art. no.:
EAN Code:
30 g
Volume packaging:
0.240 l
Gross weight:
54.000 g
Net weight:
30 g
Weight factor:
47/110/47 mm
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safety instructions

  • safety instruction for water conditioners
    18 kByte