JBL AquaCristal UV-C 36 W *
Water clarifier for the quick elimination of cloudiness in aquariums

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ProCristal UV-C 36W
  • Crystal-clear and healthy water: UV-C water clarifier for the quick and efficient elimination of greenish and whitish cloudiness in aquariums
  • Space-saving assembly: connection to external filter. Inlet and outlet on the same side
  • Germ-killing UVC radiation of 255 nm, reduces risk of infection, no change of water values, no effect on cleansing bacteria in the filter
  • TÜV tested, safety switch: UV-C burner switches off automatically when the device is opened. Sturdy, UV-resistant casing: 4 mm PE reinforced walls
  • Package contents: water clarifier for aquariums, AquaCristal UV-C, cable length: 2 m supply cable to ballast unit, 5 m from ballast to UV-C unit
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Algae in the water
Poor light conditions, over-fertilisation or even a surplus of nutrients can have negative effects on the aquarium water and may promote the growth of algae. Floating algae lead to green, bacteria to white clouding.

Crystal-clear and healthy water
The JBL water clarifier eliminates cloudiness caused by bacteria and floating algae. The aquarium water passes through the sturdy, UV-resistant casing of the clarifier. The reflection of the UV radiation kills off bacteria, other germs and floating algae as the water passes through. This can also help to eliminate persistent algae, such as thread algae, since their spores are also largely killed off.

No harmful side effects
No change of the water values
No negative influence on the essential
cleansing bacteria in the filter

Easy to install
Connect the water clarifier to the external filter. Simple assembly because inlet and outlet are on the same side.

The JBL UV-C clarifier is TÜV tested and has a safety switch for an automatic switch off, when the device is opened. The casing is UV-resistant and sturdy with 4 mm PE reinforced walls.

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JBL AquaCristal UV-C 36 W *

Art. no.:
EAN Code:
36 W
50 cm
Volume packaging:
14.500 l
Gross weight:
3480.000 g
Net weight:
2950 g
Weight factor:
115/220/575 mm

Technical Data

What JBL AquaCristal UV-C unit do you need for your aquarium or your garden pond?

Below you will find a synoptic table, which shows the ranges of the devices and the possible flow rate, depending on its intended purpose.

JBL AquaCristal UV-C: Can I leave the UV-C water clarifier running while using remedies?

Always switch off the UV-C water clarifier while using remedies.

After changing the UVC burner, it flickers. How can I fix it ?

The models 18 and 36 W are equipped with a conventional ballast for fluorescent bulbs, which need to be replaced after 2 bulb replacements at the latest. The starter is positioned under the round cover between lamp holder and housing cover. Loosen the cross-head screw, take off the cover and replace the starter.

JBL AquaCristal UV-C: You can see violet-blue light on the sides. Is that harmful for me?

The light coming out of the connectors and shimmering lightly through the casing is not harmful for humans and no longer contains any UV-C radiation.

What is the power consumption for the JBL AquaCristal UV-C 36 W water clarifier ?

A JBL AquaCristal UV-C water clarifier comprises the UVC burner and a ballast. The ballast also consumes a certain amount of electricity so that the total electrical power of the UV-C clarifier is higher than the power used in the UVC lamp.

The following table provides an overview of the actual measured values.

JBL AquaCristal UVC 36 W
Voltage: 235.8 V
Current: 0.41 amp
Volt-amperes: 96.68 VA
cos phi: 0.42
Active power: 40.6 W

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JBL AquaCristal UV-C for Disinfection – an Insight into a Master ‘s Thesis

Frau Fischer, a student at the University of Rostock, needed a JBL AquaCristal UV-C 5W for her master ‘s thesis. It was required to disinfect a radial fatigue test bench. Until then chemical additives had been used.

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