JBL LimCollect
Chemical-free snail trap for aquariums

  • Catches unwanted snails, shrimps or crabs in the aquarium: chemical-free snail trap with variable height limit of the inlet
  • Easy to use: fill the snail trap with food, insert rods to the desired height, place the snail trap in the aquarium overnight
  • Two small rods for the variable height limit: to prevent fish from entering unintentionally. Also suitable for catching shrimps or crabs.
  • Water flow: no oxygen problems for fish caught unintentionally
  • Package contents: 1 chemical-free snail trap, Lim Collect II. Size: 11.7 x 9 cm
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Product information

Chemical-free and harmless
Due to excessive feeding snails in the aquarium can reproduce rapidly. With the chemical-free snail trap Lim Collect II snails can be harmlessly and effectively caught and thus reduced in the aquarium.

Lim Collect II
The chemical-free snail trap has 2 small rods, which can be variably inserted in height to prevent fish from entering unintentionally. Should this still happen, the fish will not get any oxygen problems because of the water supply. The trap is also suitable to catch shrimp or crabs.

Easy to use
At night most fish have a resting phase. The exception are nocturnal fish such as many armored catfish. There is therefore only a low probability that smaller fish will enter the trap at night. Fill the snail trap with food, select the height to insert the rods and place the snail trap in the aquarium. Due to the inside leading struts, the snails will not be able to leave the trap again.


JBL LimCollect

Art. no.:
EAN Code:
117 mm
90 mm
Volume packaging:
0.780 l
Gross weight:
68.000 g
Net weight:
38 g
Weight factor:
42/175/106 mm
JBL LimCollect II: Why is it ideal to only use the snail trap at night? And does "night" refer to the biological night or to the daytime without lighting as well ?

At night, most fish have a rest phase of sorts (although this does not refer to sleep per se). Nocturnal fish such as many loricariid catfish are an exception. Accordingly, the risk of smaller-sized fish passing the fish trap is smaller at night.

This refers to the biological night, i.e. night by definition and not during the daytime without lighting.

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