JBL ProSilent Safe
Water backflow stop

  • Accessory for air pumps: protection for air pumps against backflow water from the aquarium
  • Easy to install: backflow stop is integrated at the air hose of the air pump with the arrow pointing towards the aquarium (air hose and air pump not included)
  • For air hoses with Ø 4/6 mm
  • TÜV tested safety
  • Package contents: water backflow stop, ProSilent Safe
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Product information

Healthy fish
An air pump for aquariums is an advantage during the night since plants need light to produce oxygen. In thinly planted aquariums the air pump supplies the necessary water circulation.
In aquariums with dense planting the air pump provides the aquarium with oxygen at night, since the number of plants means the oxygen concentration can drop to a dangerous level. When disease is present in the aquarium the air pump increases the oxygen level in the water, an essential condition for many medications

Air pump is protected
The ProSilent Safe backflow stop is TÜV tested and protects devices, such as diaphragm pumps, from backflow of aquarium water.


JBL ProSilent Safe

Art. no.:
EAN Code:
For Ø:
4/6 mm
Volume packaging:
0.400 l
Gross weight:
24.000 g
Net weight:
9 g
Weight factor:
30/140/96 mm

Technical Data

How can I remove the hose from the device?

At first the air hoses and special CO2 hoses can easily be pushed on the connection piece. The hoses harden more and more as the months go on and can only be removed from the connection piece using great force. If you pull the hose hard it will only strain the connection, which could, in the worst case, even break off. Instead cut the hoses you want to remove laterally at the ends and carefully remove them. For this it’s always advisable to install hoses with some reserve in its hose length.

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