JBL aquarium tubing silicone
Semi-transparent 4/6 mm hose wound on a cardboard reel

  • Multi-purpose hose for air supply etc. in aquariums & ponds
  • Semi-transparent hose made of silicone-like material, highly flexible, free of heavy metals
  • Extremely long service life and very flexible
  • Diameter: 4/6 mm (inside/outside diameter)
  • Package contents: one environmentally friendly cardboard reel with 180 m rolled up (unkinked) hose. Colour: semi-transparent
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basic price 1,40 EUR / m
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The hose reel can only be sold in its entirety. Please select your order quantity in hose lengths of 180 m.
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Product information

Hoses for the aquarium and ponds:
Operating an aquarium or a pond frequently requires using different hoses. JBL has premium quality aquarium and pond hoses in various colours and sizes.

Premium quality:
The JBL air and water hoses are free of heavy metals. They are made of food-safe, high-quality material and come with a card for hanging up or on an environmentally friendly cardboard reel (for retailers and breeders).

Tip for use:
Hoses can sometimes go awry: they become slightly bent or lose their shape. Put the hose in hot water for 20 minutes. The hose will then be much more flexible and kink-free.

For CO2 systems:
Most plastics are permeable to the gas CO2. For this reason dedicated CO2-resistant hoses are available for CO2 systems, e.g. JBL PROFLORA T3 in black or transparent

Environmentally friendly:
Instead of plastic spools, we now use a cardboard core which can be disposed of as 100% paper waste or reused!
The large inner diameter prevents the coiled hose from kinking


JBL silicone aquarium air tubing 4/6, by the metre

Art. no.:
EAN Code:
Ø hose:
4/6 mm
180 m
Volume packaging:
0.040 l
Gross weight:
23.950 g
Net weight:
21 g
Weight factor:
Packaging dimensions (l/h/w):
6/6/1000 mm

Technical Data

Height:6 mm
Length:1000 mm
Width:6 mm
diameter:6 mm
Können Luftschläuche auch für CO2 oder Ozon eingesetzt werden?

Die Luft- und Wasserschläuche von JBL sind aus einem sehr flexiblem Material und haben eine extrem lange Lebensdauer. Der Einsatz von CO2 oder Ozon, welches aggressive Eigenschaften gegenüber anderen Materialien aufweist, kann zur Beschädigung des Materials der Schläuche oder eine stark beschleunigten Altersprozess führen. Wir empfehlen daher spezielle Schläuche, wie die JBL PROFLORA T3 BLACK und CLEAR für CO2 einzusetzen, um dem jeweiligen Gas höchste Sicherheit in der Anwendung zu bieten.


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