JBL dosing cup ProPond
Dosing cup for the right amount of pond food

  • This dosing cup means you always feed the right amount of food
  • The packaging of JBL ProPond pond food shows guidelines for the correct amount of food per fish. The dosing cup has scales to show the correct amount of grams to dose for each food type
  • JBL ProPond foods, such as Summer and Winter, have different weights, so there is a separate scale for each food type on the measuring cup
  • The correct dosage by weight is important so that the fish are not overfed and the pond is not unnecessarily polluted with food
  • Package contents: 1 dosing cup for JBL ProPond pond food, without content, made of water-neutral plastic
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Product information

It’s not easy to determine the right amount of food for pond fish. If you ask the fish, you’ll find they’re always hungry.
Scientists can calculate the right amount of food by the size and body weight of koi and others. JBL has printed these calculations as tabular recommendations on the side of the JBL ProPond food bags. Following the amount of grams recommended in the table, you can then use the dosing cup to correctly portion each food type.


JBL dosing cup ProPond

Art. no.:
EAN Code:
Volume packaging:
1.130 l
Gross weight:
13.000 g
Net weight:
13 g
Weight factor:
Packaging dimensions (l/h/w):
96/123/96 mm
Welche Menge Futter benötigen meine Koi am Tag?

Welche Futtermenge Ihre Koi und Gartenteichfische täglich benötigen, können Sie auf der Verpackung den Tabellen der JBL PROPOND Futtermittel entnehmen. Mit dem JBL PROPOND Dosierbecher können Sie ohne eine Waage die Menge leicht bestimmen und ablesen. Die Gesamtmenge ist für die täglich empfohlene Ration und kann bei Bedarf auf mehrere kleinere Mahlzeiten aufgeteilt werden.

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