Tour de France Competition 2019

The JBL Tour de France Competition 2019

Unfortunately the competition is finished already. Shortly you will find another competition here. Simply look in again later.

Few events are as popular as the famous Tour de France. 21 stages, 22 teams and a race course of over 3000 km. We would like to share this experience of following the stage winners with you. Place a bet on each day’s stage winner- it's worth your while!

You can take part from 00:00 - 23:59:59 on the day of any Tour de France stage. If you pick the correct winner for the stage, you will receive a 10% voucher for each correct answer on your next purchase at participating retailers and in the JBL Shop. The participant who places the most correct tips will receive a reward of €150 for products of their choice.

Applicable are our current Conditions of participation.

Every day select the cyclist who, in your opinion, will win the stage!


The Master School of Aquarium Design 2019: A Workshop With Six Experts

A dream came true for the select twelve who got to learn first-hand from experts how to set up and maintain a nature aquarium/aquascape. They were introduced to the art of design and are now ready to try it out for themselves at home.

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Display Accuracy vs. Measuring Accuracy - Different Results When Measuring Temperatures

You may find the differences that can arise when measuring the temperature with different measuring instruments and methods, confusing. Most people tend to trust a digital device more than an analog device. Is this justified?

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Choosing Your Substrate - Combining Several Varieties

You probably had this the last time you set up an aquarium. "Sand or gravel?” you wondered. “Or maybe soil? Or there’s that coarse volcanic rock?”

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Oxygen supply for your fish in exceptional situations

In a normally planted aquarium with active filtering, the water surface movement and oxygen production from the photosynthesis of the aquatic plants is sufficient and an additional oxygen supply is not generally needed.

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