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Back from Japan: Our schedule for the Expedition 2019 - Part 1/2

For 13 days I had the chance to plan our expedition for 2019 during a Japan trip and to check the conditions on site.

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The sensitive KH value in the pond

I have talked about KH and pH with a lot of koi dealers, experts and professionals in the past few weeks.

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Adventskalender 2016: Geschenke für Sie hinter jedem Türchen

Ho Ho Ho - auch in diesem Jahr hat der JBL Weihnachtsmann tatkräftig Pakete mit tollen Überraschungen gepackt und für Sie hinter den 24 Türchen des Adventskalenders versteckt.

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Submit now: your photos for the JBL Community Calendar 2017

Once again in 2017 we will be providing this popular calendar with the most beautiful motives from our community as a free download. For this we are looking for the most beautiful photos.

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Requisitos para participar en una expedición de JBL

In conversations with nature enthusiasts I notice again and again that there are amazingly high numbers of people interested in taking part, but that many of them are unsure about their own suitability.

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Workshops, trade fairs and promotions in December 2016

You can meet Roland Böhme, JBL’s general manager and his expert team personally at the Fisch & Reptil 2016 in Sindelfingen from 2 to 4 December, 2016.

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The right way to get your pond ready for winter.

Not only the koi needs to become “autumn-proof” with its nutrition but also its home, the garden pond. The leaves fall, but unfortunately they also fall into our ponds.

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School News: Optional subject: Aquarium

... our fish are ready to move in! This is how Daniel Samland from Marien-Realschule, Kaufbeuren got back to us only a few weeks after receiving the products we had provided. He’s going to train the girls’ working group and support their work on the aquarium throughout the whole school year.

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This is how to feed your fish properly in autumn

It happens so quickly: One minute we have close to 30 degrees and 4 weeks later it’s hardly more than 10 degrees.

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My favourite product: AccliPond

I have to admit I love this article. When I worked on sales displays I always had a display of it positioned near the packaging table.

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