The JBL Calculators – Calculated Success

The three most important factors for your plant aquariums are the nutrient balance to feed the plants, the substrate and the lighting. If you have these factors in the right balance you will definitely achieve perfect plant growth!

With the help of our three practical calculators ( Calculadora de fertilizante ProScape , Calculadora de sustrato ProScape y Calculadora de luz ProScape ) you can find out all important target values and receive recommendations for action immediately. But they are also ideal for monitoring your aquarium – keep an eye on your water values.

Which dosage is correct for your aquarium fertiliser? What amount of substrate do you need to achieve the design you want? Is the planned lighting sufficient for your aquarium layout? Just enter the data you require into the input mask and you’ll receive a tailor-made recommendation for your aquarium immediately. Test it now!


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Matthias Wiesensee
Matthias Wiesensee
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Matthias Wiesensee

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