Tategoi – huge potential – never the champion?

This week I came across the term „Tategoi“ a lot. For all koi fans this is the word that comes up most frequently when they are talking about exhibitions and breeding success. It describes a koi with very high potential. The breeder has a trained eye and, unlike the customer, is able to see a koi’s potential in the growth stage. The lineage is very important here. Breeders often demand a high price for these Tategoi since they know very well what they are worth. But unfortunately not every Tategoi becomes a champion! The most frequent reasons are a lack of development and not fully developed colouring. What they lack is the so-called “finish”. Yes, it’s true, these are often female animals. But it’s different with the Tosai. These are one year old koi! They are of higher value than a Nisai (two-year-old) or a Sansai (three-year-old). Breeders often demand a very high price for these perfect Nishikigoi, often way above 10,000 Euro!

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Ronny Thorhauer
Ronny Thorhauer
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