Cleaning the Terrarium

El tiempo necesario cada día para limpiar un terrario puede variar mucho y depende de la especie y del número de animales que se tengan. Las serpientes, a las que solo hay que alimentar cada 2-3 semanas, o los animales en solitario ensucian generalmente menos que los animales a los que hay que alimentar a diario o los grupos grandes, como puede ocurrir cuando se crían ranas y hay que alimentar a cientos de ranitas.

A terrarium should not be overloaded with decorative objects to the point of confusion and the fittings and decorations should be practical and removable so that a terrarium can be kept cleanwithout difficulty.

The growth on the glass panes of aquarium tanks for aquatic amphibians e.g. axolotl or clawed frogs can be removed by algae magnets, JBL Floaty II , or door handle cleaners or JBL Aqua-T Handy , similar to a fish tank. JBL’s microfibre cloth (& sponge), JBL WishWash también funciona muy bien, ya que no esparce la suciedad sino que la absorbe. Los restos de comida y excrementos secos de los terrarios secos se pueden aspirar bien o recoger fácilmente con unas pinzas, JBL ProScape Tool P straight and tongs such as JBL CombiFix . In wetland terrariums, they usually have to be “scooped out” with some surrounding substrate. Excrement sticking to decorative objects can usually be removed with a brush under hot water. The glass panes should not be cleaned with aggressive chemicals, as residues can cause poisoning. A brush, sponges, blade cleaners and luke-warm water will do to remove any subborn dirt. Unsightly limescale rings should be removed with gentle “biological” cleaners such as JBL Clean T glass cleaner.

Only a few minutes cleaning each day are adequate to guarantee proper hygienic conditions for your pets in their terrarium or aquarium. If cleaning is put off too long, the terrarium or aquarium may have to be emptied completely and re-filled, and there may even be unnecessary losses.

The usual cleaning procedure for aquariums should be followed for larger-sized water tanks, both with and without a waterfall in a rainforest terrarium.

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