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Do you want more details about a new JBL product line? Here you will find dedicated landing pages, giving you specialist knowledge about the new product lines 24/7 which goes beyond conventional product information. These pages offer you valuable additional information about the use of the products and about your hobby.

ProPond: la alimentación profesional para peces de estanque con el NEO INDEX®


Alimente sus peces de forma equilibrada y natural con JBL PROPOND durante todo el año, para que se mantengan sanos y activos por mucho tiempo. Todos los productos PROPOND del programa fisiológico de alimentación ofrecen ingredientes de primera calidad acordes con el NEO INDEX®. Esta alimentación está adaptada a las necesidades específicas de cada especie, proporcionando a cada temperatura la cantidad ideal de proteínas y grasas de primera calidad para garantizar el bienestar de sus animales.



JBL has revolutionized water testing and can turn your smartphone into your personal water test center by means of a free app. All test results will be directly displayed in numerical values and additionally evaluated (good, medium, poor). There’s no quicker and more accurate way to analyse the water, get to the bottom of problems or just check whether the fish and plants are in their comfort zone.


Concepto 1-2-3 algae-free

Sooner or later every pond owner has to deal with the algae issue. Sometimes I’s the first time they’ve had to think about it and sometimes they have tried out various methods and treatments – unfortunately without any long term success. JBL has put scientists to work on that problem and they have worked out a concept which will guarantee success.