Treatment of green water in garden ponds

Treatment of green water in garden ponds

The year 2011 has been an extraordinary year for garden ponds. A very warm, dry spring (April and May) with abundant pollen deposited in water bodies followed by an average June and two months of greater precipitation, July and August.

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In garden ponds that already exhibited strong growth of floating algae, this algae bloom often lasted several months if not treated and sometimes improved only slightly or not at all after a single algae treatment. This was due to the density of the floating algae, as shown in perfect form in the picture. It is true that, in water that green, algae control products like JBL AlgoPond Forte * will always help, but the respective agent added is used up quickly, and then the surviving algae grow all the faster.

The only remedy in this case, is to perform multiple treatments at shorter intervals in order to achieve the desired effect, namely clear water.

The example shown here was crowned with success, as shown by the two current photographs, which the garden pond owner kindly made available to us.

© G. Metz
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