New JBL Water Tests – This is how the best test

Individualized and specific plant fertilization is not really possible without these new JBL water tests, because the consumption of potassium, magnesium and CO2 varies widely from plant species to plant species.

But now, with a potassium test, a magnesium test for freshwater and a CO2 Direct test set , JBL is giving you the opportunity to determine those three plant nutrients precisely and fast. The concentration of these nutrients is especially vital in aquascaping: Dose the appropriate fertilizer (e.g. JBL ProScape K Macroelements, JBL ProScape Mg Macroelements) in the evening and measure the concentration in the aquarium water the following evening. The JBL fertilizer calculator ( will base future doses on the actual consumption.

The JBL CO2 Direct Test Set has a further smart addition: After a first testing with aquarium water, you can perform the test again with aerated aquarium water. This means that the CO2 gets expelled and by subtracting the second measurement result the precise CO2 value can be determined, a value which is NOT distorted by other acids. For anyone wanting to care for their plants perfectly and to get to the bottom of plant growth problems, the JBL tests are the perfect tools.

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