¡Feliz Día de San Valentín!

¿Está buscando un regalo que acentúe su mensaje de amor? ¿Qué puede haber más bonito que regalar a su ser querido algo relacionado con el hobby? Los nuevos CristalProfi e401 en su edición especial WHITE no puede ser más acertados.

Así funciona

Participe hasta el 21 de febrero de 2016 y, con un poco de suerte, podrá ganar uno de los 5 JBL CristalProfi e401 greenline WHITE (modelo blanco) por valor de 91,95 €/ud. Los ganadores se seleccionarán de entre los participantes por sorteo.

Por lo demás, se aplican nuestras actuales Bases de participación

El concurso ya ha finalizado. Pronto encontrará aquí un concurso nuevo. Vuelva otro día.


Iris Gerlach, Laurent Goedert, Thorsten Bock, Stefan König-Zechmeister , Michael Heerschlag


Beware of frost: Is your pond ready for winter?

The weather reports are forecasting sub-zero temperatures and heavy snowfalls for large parts of Europe. It’s time for some tips to get your fish unscathed through the long frosts.

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The Desert Terrarium Part 2 - Lighting

The desert habitat involves both extreme heat and brightness. Unlike in the rain forest, there is nothing to stop the light reaching right down to the ground. The animals only have stones or scarce plants and woody growths to withdraw under.

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PreOpening – JBL presents its new production hall

On Dec. 18, 2015 our general manager Roland Böhme presented the largest ever investment in the company history: the new production hall with 2000 m2 and a height of 17 m, into which over 15 million euros have been invested so far.

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ProScan Historie – Scanning, Saving, Managing

The JBL ProScan product has now been available in the specialist shops for one year and we have collected your comments and requests. There was in particular a request for an option to compare several measurements and to manage different aquariums and ponds.

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The JBL Community Calendar 2016 – Download it now

You can get free calendars with nice motives anywhere. We’ve gone a step further with you as in the last years and asked you about your favourite photos from the hobby fields of aquarium, terrarium and garden pond.

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Are aquarium fertilisers with trace elements dangerous for shrimps?

It’s no wonder that shrimp enthusiasts are unsure when they read the composition of high-quality aquarium fertilisers. Copper! All the alarm bells are ringing. We would like to clear up the confusion and give you some valuable background knowledge.

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