From ProFlora CO2 system owner to tester, free of charge

Do you have a JBL ProFlora CO2 plant fertiliser system ( Usage unique (u) series/ Rechargeable (m) series) with disposable or refillable cylinder? Then you can win an exclusive test model.

Be one of the first 50 JBL ProFloraCO2 owners to place a comment under this post saying why you would like to have a test model.

In your JBL ProFlora CO2 set there was a JBL Kit de test CO2-pH-Permanent enclosed which we fondly call the "Analog TV“. It’s a small angular shaped box which works reliably to measure the CO2 content.

Our "Analog TV“ with the permanent programme content CO2 Content is due to have a successor, which is, of course, “top secret”;)

That’s why we are looking for testers like you. You can test the successor of the coming JBL Kit de test CO2-pH-Permanent and give us your opinion. Be an active part of the JBL product development team.

The smaller, round CO2 test item is more than stylish: it is white and has a round dome to resemble a modern digital TV set with a curved screen. It’s guaranteed to make heads turn. Our nickname for it is already in place ("Digital TV“). But we would like to know how you think it compares to the old CO2 permanent test?!

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