Commenting Water Tests Under "My Analyses"

Once again we have followed your wishes in the monJBL world. Users of the popular ProScan and the ProScape Calculateur d'engrais contacted us increasingly over the months with their request to add comments to the saved measurements from the aquarium, pond other other waters.

Now you can, for example, document your product use, make notes about measures you have taken, or observations you have made and write other notes you think are necessary in the field “Comment”. This means you’ll be able to remember weeks afterwards precisely what you did or observed in connection with the measurements you saved. If you need any advice at your specialist shop or from other experts, you will have all the information at your fingertips.

We hope you will enjoy this new feature and are looking forward for your feedback.

© 07.12.2017
Matthias Wiesensee
Matthias Wiesensee
M.Sc. Wirtschaftsinformatik
Matthias Wiesensee

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